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Sarah3238 2/12/2015

You stun me with your accuracy - after we spoke I had to double check on some of the sights you gave me - WOW - hands down you are the best I've spoken to on Keen - not just accurate, but caring and compassionate. A genuine sage soul. Thank you and many blessings to you too kind lady.

Kris M. 2/17/2015

When I first came to SunnyJ I wasn't a full believer of the whole healing process. However, after a few minutes it was clear just how incredible SunnyJ is. Since then, I come back to get a reading every few weeks and this keeps me on the path to living my best life. I've accomplished so much with SunnyJ's guidance. She changed my life.

Riley 2/21/2015

Sunny was so absolutely right about everything that was said to me, that it has all since come true. As someone rational and logical, I can only say that I wouldn't have believed it if it hadn't happened to me, but it did.

Casey Jo from NJ 2/24/2015

I will never forget the first time I got to speak with Sunny and found someone who could help me overcome my depression and sadness. Now I know that my life's worth living. Thank you so much for all that you've done for me.

Sarah3238 7/9/2015

Consistently accurate -

SAM661 4/22/2017

Phenomenal reading Sunny!!!!! You were so accurate it was almost scarey. I will definitely look into what we discussed. Thank you so much! Blessings to you.

Member64081641 4/29/2017

Very Kind, Gentle and Understanding Soul! Second time speaking with her. And very helpful insights into the situation. Seems genuinely interested in helping out. Thank You! :) And Blessings

carola2009 7/18/2017

Excellent like usual. she is so helpfulll and professional. tell you a lot of info and guides you the right way. she is very sweet . thank you for your advice and thank you for keeping this magnificient rate for such a helpful input

Member410422 7/20/2017

Amazing person, very nice and positive. Great psychic ability and very easy to talk to. My situation is tough and I am ready to give up but she constantly insisted on not to give up and keep going in my long conversation. She even replied to my email and summarized the situation so well. I am almost friends with her and would recommend everyone to call her. She's the best

tnnurse901 7/30/2017

Amazingly accurate. She has been advising me for months with confident and accurate advice. She is very, very intuitive and empathetic. If u want accuracy without fairy tale stories, give her a try. You will not be disappointed. Blessing Be

Member298447 7/30/2017

Thank you Sunny for your consistently good readings! You're good with reading your cards and you're awesome at encouraging me through this roller coaster of a situation. Thank you thank you! :)

Kristy1966 8/14/2017

1st time caller Sun was awesome kind, patient, and 100% accurate with all of her information. I will definitely continue to call back I highly recommend her to all callers. Thank you very much

Member770478 9/23/2018

This advisor really touched my heart in simple ways that made sense to me. The details provided were accurate to my situation. I look forward to speaking to Sunny soon. Time frame between 3 weeks - 3 months to get things sorted within the relationship journey.. First time read with Sunny - best vibes and good connection. Good experience! Highly recommend!!

ALLblessings 10/3/2018

A M A Z I N G Gift !!! Sunny of Sun Pixies from Dixie is exceptional and her ability to connect with the insight delivered is like no other. Great talented reader. Thanks again, Blessings to you

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