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Top Psychic Shop Near Me: Best Love Tarot, Energy-Enhancing Tools, Smudge Sticks & Tarot Cards with SunnyJ Shores - Expert in Angel, Star & Tarot Readings for Spiritual Guidance & Wellness.

You Deserve To Love, Laugh & have a Zest for Life

Best Love Tarot Readings with Expert Cartomancy Artist SunnyJ  for Psychic Guidance Spiritual Connection with Emotional Connection of an Empath

"Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery and Spiritual Guidance with SunnyJ's Top Psychic Reading Services!

Are you searching for spiritual guidance and clarity in your life? Look no further than SunnyJ, your local lifestyle and psychic shop expert. Avoid leaving your future to chance; instead, connect with SunnyJ for a life-altering top psychic reading near you. Our spiritual guide is just a click away, offering deep spiritual guidance through the art of tarot divination.

Join the thousands who have experienced joy and fulfillment through SunnyJ's angel and star readings. With over 7,000 satisfied seekers, SunnyJ's tarot reader abilities extend beyond mere prediction. She delves into your soul's desires, unveils hidden truths, and offers sage guidance readings that resonate deeply.

Visualize yourself empowered, making decisions with newfound confidence, and crafting the life of your dreams. SunnyJ's unique tarot and oracle readings, incorporating the Sun card and other powerful symbols, will inspire and prepare you to face life's challenges with ease.

Take the reins of your destiny today. Click the link to start your transformative journey with SunnyJ, a top psychic reading expert. Your path to happiness, success, and a spiritually enriched life awaits. May your future be bright and prosperous with the guidance of SunnyJ's top psychic readings by tarot divination."

Tarot is a complex mindful tool, mental preparation is essential for successful Wellness Lifestyle

Hours  of Availability Jan 14, 2024 on Mon - Sun from EST 2pm to 2am

"Seek a Transformative Tarot Reading at Our Top Psychic Shop – Open Nearly Every Day!

Immerse yourself in a life-altering experience with our tarot divination services, available almost daily, year-round. As a spiritual guide and expert tarot reader, we're here to offer guidance and truths from 2 PM to 2 AM EST.

Please note, we're closed on New Moons (when illumination is 8% or less) to honor the celestial rhythms.

Looking for a 'top psychic reading near me' outside our regular hours? Discover how you can book an appointment for a personalized card reading session, tailored to your spiritual journey. Whether you're seeking sun card insights, angel readings, or star readings, we provide a range of oracle and tar ot readings for seekers of top psychic readings.

Be mindful of the potential 18-hour time difference depending on your location when scheduling your appointment. We recommend booking at least 5 days in advance to secure your session for top psychic reading of spiritual guidance reading. Connect with us for a top psychic reading with enriching guidance spiritual experience and step into a world of sage wisdom and enlightenment with a top psychi reading.

SunnyJ Master Tarot Reader

Exactly Who You Need Now

SunnyJ Shores of Sun Pixies Tarot: Empowering Your Spiritual Wellness Journey Since 1979

"Explore Tarot Divination and Psychic Enlightenment with SunnyJ, Your Trusted Tarot Reader and Spiritual Guide, Serving English-Speaking Seekers Worldwide Since 1979.

SunnyJ's tarot journey began in her teens, offering private readings across the globe. With over 40 years of experience, she has delivered insightful tarot readings and spiritual guidance in the USA, Canada, South Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Vietnam, maintaining an LGBTQA safe space.

Now, it's easier to access SunnyJ's sage wisdom. Since 2015, connect securely via Premium.Chat for confidential tarot readings by phone. Experience deeper changes with our Rising Star Passes, enhancing your wellness lifestyle.

SunnyJ's unique connection with clients sets her apart, providing compassionate, top psychic readings for your spiritual wellness journey.

Exciting news! SunnyJ is expanding to offer wellness resources and collaborations with lifestyle shops that epitomize wellness living. Join us at the re-launched Rising Stars Events and the tranquil New Moon Retreats, aiming to nurture your spiritual growth and guidance.

Begin your spiritual wellness journey with SunnyJ, where achieving a lifestyle of growth and well-being is within reach.


SunnyJ is dedicated to guiding you towards your fullest potential in life. Discover more about our offerings, from angel readings to star readings and tar ot, on our website, and start your path to fulfillment and spiritual wellness with SunnyJ."

Wild Flowers

A few words from Sunny J...

Greetings and Welcome to Your Journey of Insight and Growth with SunnyJ,


Are you on a quest for answers or confirmation that your life is heading in the right direction? You've arrived at the perfect destination. My passion lies in harnessing the power of tarot to assist individuals in developing the skills needed to navigate life’s challenges. Witnessing the healing and flourishing of those I guide brings me immense joy.

In our tarot sessions, we’ll explore your deepest emotions, providing clarity on pressing issues in your life. Embrace the opportunity to positively alter your life's trajectory. Seize this chance to gain insights into your family dynamics, love life, relationships, financial situation, career paths, and much more.

Often, I find clients struggle to manifest their desires due to a belief that they don't deserve them. If your thoughts conflict with your feelings, the universe is more likely to align with your emotional state. You might yearn for peace, but if you subconsciously feel unworthy due to past mistakes, you'll continue to face challenges. Tarot serves as a powerful tool in this journey, helping you forge your path to self-healing. By integrating energy healing techniques, you can realign your thoughts positively, attracting the abundance you truly deserve.

Tarot readings can shine a light on aspects of your life that require attention, empowering you to manifest your dreams and gain the foresight needed to stay ahead. Reach out to me for precise and insightful guidance, and let's embark on a path of healing and discovery.

Blessings, Love, Laughter, and Light,

Sunny J

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Sophisticated Harmony: SunnyJ Shores' Tarot Mastery and Wellness Resources' Eco-Conscious Lifestyle Curation

In the sophisticated realm of discerning individuals, where the pursuit of deeper knowledge and mindful living takes precedence, SunnyJ Shores emerges as a luminary in tarot divination. Coupled with this is Wellness Resources, a psychic shop that transcends the conventional, offering a curated selection of products designed to complement an environmentally aware and luxurious lifestyle. 

**SunnyJ Shores: A Sage of Tarot Wisdom**

At the heart of this harmonious blend is SunnyJ Shores, acclaimed for her unparalleled skills in tarot reading and spiritual guidance. Her expertise is not confined to the mere interpretation of tarot cards but extends to a profound understanding of the human psyche and the universe's subtle energies. Her sessions, involving the sun card, angel reading, star reading, and other oracle forms, transcend mere prediction, offering a gateway to personal enlightenment and spiritual truth.

Her clientele, ranging from the intellectually curious to the spiritually awakened, seek not just a tarot reader but a sage who can navigate the complex tapestries of life. SunnyJ's mastery over the art of 'tar ot', as it is esoterically known, is a blend of ancient tradition and intuitive insight, providing an experience that resonates with the soul's quest for knowledge and understanding.

**Wellness Resources: A Lifestyle Shop for the Conscientious**

Stepping into Wellness Resources, one is immediately enveloped in an aura of refined elegance and mindful purpose. This psychic shop, doubling as a lifestyle shop, offers an assortment of products meticulously chosen to align with the values of environmental stewardship and elegant living. Each item, from eco-friendly home decor to organic self-care products, is selected with the sophisticated consumer in mind – someone who appreciates quality, sustainability, and spiritual significance.

The shop represents a paradigm shift in lifestyle shopping, where every product tells a story of environmental responsibility and spiritual connection. It is a haven for seekers who not only wish to enhance their spiritual journey with SunnyJ's readings but also desire to integrate these principles into every aspect of their daily living.

**Personalized Tarot Reading Sessions**

For those seeking a deeper, more personalized experience, SunnyJ offers bespoke tarot and oracle reading sessions. These sessions are more than just a 'psychic reading near me'; they are profound explorations of one's life path and destiny. Tailored to the individual's unique energies and circumstances, these readings offer insights into personal truths and life's larger questions.

Scheduling a session with SunnyJ, whether in person at Wellness Resources or via a virtual platform, is a step into a world of self-discovery and enlightenment. Each session is a confidential and safe space for introspection and guidance, where affluent seekers can delve into the depths of their innermost thoughts and aspirations.

**A Shopping Experience Tailored to the Enightened**

The shopping experience at Wellness Resources is more than a transaction; it's an immersive journey into conscious consumption. Every product, from handcrafted jewelry imbued with spiritual meaning to artisanal wellness teas, is a testament to the shop's commitment to quality, sustainability, and mindful living.

For the environmentally conscious and culturally sophisticated, Wellness Resources is a treasure trove of items that not only enhance one's spiritual practice but also reflect a commitment to a sustainable and mindful lifestyle. It's a place where luxury meets responsibility, and where shopping is an act of environmental stewardship.

Tarot readings by SunnyJ Shores, coupled with the curated selection at Wellness Resources, offer a unique blend of spiritual enlightenment and eco-conscious living. This combination caters to the needs of the educated and affluent seeker, someone who values depth, quality, and mindfulness in every aspect of life. In a world that often leans towards the material, SunnyJ and Wellness Resources provide a sanctuary for those seeking to balance their inner and outer worlds harmoniously.


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