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Who is SunnyJ Shores?

Learn more about SunnyJ and her qualifications for providing Master Tarot Readings and serving you as a spiritual advisor.

How long has SunnyJ been reading Tarot?

40+ years SunnyJ has been reading Tarot around the world. She learned to read Tarot from her Grandmother, who taught her using a regular deck of cards. SunnyJ had to learn to intuit the 5th suit. Later, as an adult, SunnyJ would discover that Carl Jung had studied Tarot as well. By combining the interpretations of Carl Jung and the original Italian interpretations, SunnyJ brings forth insights from the deck that continues to astound folks.

SunnyJ is uniquely equipped to not only blend hermetic and academic knowledge of Tarot, she brings decades of spiritual study and hands on experience having lived among Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and Judeo-Christians. She graduated with an MA in Human Development and Psychological Counseling from ASU, Boone, NC 2004. 

What is SunnyJ's spiritual perspective?

SunnyJ was raised in the Church of Christ yet wanted to learn more about the mosaic of religions in the world. She has studied the works of Lao Zu and visited the temple dedicated to him in Weifang China.  She lived among Tamils for two years developing a better understanding of Hindu. She also lived among Muslims in Malaysia, adopting their lifestyle to better empathize. Throughout her travels, studies, and immersion experiences, she had resisted any labels. However in 2010, she took vows of Sak Yant under Ajarn Koh in Ayutthaya Thailand. She lives by a Pagan Yantra path. This is a sub-sect of Buddhism that utilizes Sanskrit. There are only 5 groups that actively use Sanskrit today, 3 in the Middle East, 1 in India and Thailand respectively. There are "unordained" groups in Cambodia who "do their own thing". There are some who are confused thinking that Sak Yant uses "ancient Khmer" when in fact, "ancient Khmer" is Sanskrit.

Why does SunnyJ charge different prices on different platforms?

While SunnyJ is not under a vow of poverty per se, she is under the standard monk's mantra to accept in gifts/"love donation" only what one would use in one day. This is seen in Thailand as monks perform sunrise blessings for no more than a bowl of rice and what fruits can be carried in a simple bag. 

It's difficult for her clients to provide her with rice and fruit, so instead she carefully calculates her "daily need" then cross references this with numerology. 

It's true that on a corporate site, SunnyJ charges $2.43 per minute - however the corporate platform retains 68% of the call revenue. With Verified Call, clients pay less and SunnyJ earns more per minute. A Win-Win. Verified Call always handles the sensitive data. 

By offering her services through Verified Call's platform, she is able to greatly reduce the cost of the call. This allows the querent to be more relaxed and able to open their minds to SunnyJ, rather than be stressed over per minute rates of $5 - $8 or more that other psychics charge. 

She is aware that in the modern world, many would view her low price point as a sign that she does not "value her skills". Considering her lifetime experience, academic background, &multiple immersion experiences with religious communities, her market value would price her out of the range of the average person. Therefore, it's highly recommended that the querent who seeks SunnyJ's insights, always speak to her with respect and humility due the Bodhisattva she has become. 

I'm confused about memberships, could you explain it to me?

Yes of course! There are two membership available through this website. One membership is with Verified Call. This allows clients to streamline the experience of arranging a call. You can read more about this membership in the section below. 

Membership to the SunnyJ Tarot Website allows clients to download an app to their smart phones. Through this app, you get access to members only blog posts, spiritual challenges, and other perks.

All memberships are private and must be approved by SunnyJ herself. No one can see your member's profile expect for SunnyJ. If you comment on a blog post, other members will be able to see your comment. Other members will not be able to see your participation status or actives in "challenges" .  

You can also use the "Tarot Reading" button on your members profile to arrange a call with SunnyJ. You do not need to be a member of Verified Call to take advantage of membership with SunnyJ Tarot. 

If you prefer a tarot reading by "email" use the contact form within the app to arrange a Tarot reading. Payments for readings done via the app contact platform are paid in advance with Ca$h App. This form of Tarot Reading is only available to SunnyJ Tarot members. 


Using Verified Call

Common questions concerning use of the 3rd party platform, Verified Call. This platform is used to connect clients to SunnyJ in a double blind system that keeps everyone's data safe.

How do I sign up for a membership with VerifiedCall?

If you would like to sign up for a (free) membership to Verified Call click here. You'll be taken to Verified Call's website to sign up for a client account. You can control what information is kept on file through your dashboard at Verified Call's website. 

Do I need a membership with Verified Call to call SunnyJ?

No. You can place a call request as a guest. However, as a guest you must re-enter your details each time you want a Tarot session and you can not add time to extend the length of the call; if you want to end the call early, just let SunnyJ know and she will hang up 1st and any unused time will be credited to your account. 

How exactly do I receive calls through this service? Will my phone number be exposed?

VerifiedCall acts as a third-party channel to connect experts in many industries to those needing their expertise.  Those needing advice prepay for a call, then our system calls the expert and client simultaneously. Once both are connected to our line, we bridge your calls together, and let you talk for the prepaid amount of time. Once the buyer runs out of minutes, the phone call is disconnected. Neither party ever sees the other's phone number. Both are called by our toll-free number, 1.415.830.4373

I put in my payment information, when do I get a call from the person I want to speak with?

Once the payment is authorized, we will try to connect you with the professional immediately. If he/she does not answer the phone, the call has not gone through and you are not charged for the amount. If you do not answer the phone, then the call does not connect and you are not charged for the attempted call.

My call didn't go through, but the charge on my credit card is still pending. When do I see this drop off?

If a call does not go through, we drop the hold on your card immediately. Depending on your credit card provider, it will take 1 to 3 business days to see the pending charge removed. Please contact your provider if the amount is still pending.

But I used a Debit Card, why did you take the amount and when will it be refunded?

Debit Cards are charged immediately to verify you have the amount for the call available. If the call does not connect (or you wish to end the call early), you will be refunded within 1 to 3 business days. From there, it depends on your bank's policy for making these funds available to you.

What is the difference between requesting a call as a guest and becoming a member?

If you request a call as a guest, your details (such as your phone number) are not kept within Verified Calls' system. If you want to make another call request, you will have to reenter all your information again. 

If you sign up for membership (free) your data is retained to speed up future call requests. You have access to a members dashboard where you can update your information in Verified Calls' system. You are also able to add minutes to a call from your dashboard. Additionally, you can opt to get notifications by tweet or email when SunnyJ logs on. You can turn on & off the notification option as needed from your membership dashboard. 

What do I do if I have a problem with billing or accessing my account?

For billing inquiries or if you have forgotten your password/member ID, please contact To help us  better serve you, please put the nature of your request in the subject line of the email. 

How is time calculated?

Time for the call is calculated to the second. There is no rounding up of the time, as is used in the Keen or Ingenio calling system. You only pay for time requested. The fee is calculated to the tenth of a penny.

What if I want to extend the time for the call?

If you are signed in as a member, you can extend the call by adding minutes from your member's dashboard during the call. 

If you are signed in as a guest, you can not extend the call, you will need to make a new call request. 

What if I purchased more time than I need?

This is easy and fast to resolve. Simply let SunnyJ know that you would like to end the call early. She will hang up first. Once she disconnects the call, the time will be recalculated and you will only be charged for the time used. 

If you used a debit card, the price adjustment must be done manually and can take 1-3 business days. Verified call handles the refund. 

** It is very important to let SunnyJ hang up first. If a caller hangs up first, they will automatically be charged for the full amount. SunnyJ can request that Verified call review the call length and make an adjustment in cases of an accident, (cell phone battery dies, or dropped the phone, etc) but Verified  Call is not obligated to honor SunnyJ's request. However, SunnyJ will do her best to advocate on your behalf and in most cases has been able to secure the refund. 


How to Prepare for a Tarot Reading

Here are a few tips on how to best prepare for your Tarot Reading. As a retired teacher, SunnyJ knows there are many different learning styles. While these are just guidelines, you are welcome to prepare in ways that you are most comfortable with.

Is my location important?

Yes, ideally you would be in a quiet place where you are physically comfortable and able to relax your mind and body.

What if I am very nervous or emotionally wrought?

If you are feeling very nervous, keep in mind that SunnyJ is an incredibly kind and generous soul. She is extremely patient, caring, and nurturing. 

However, if you are still feeling nervous, or perhaps you are emotionally over wrought with tension, anger, frustrations etc - then you might want to consider listening to a quick 15 minute chakra cleanse before you request to arrange a call . This will help you to settle your emotions and support the connectivity of your mind to SunnyJ's. 

This chakra cleanse is offered free on YouTube. the composer is Bill, someone whom SunnyJ has a great deal of confidence in and respect for his work. 

Aside from clearing my mind of intense or negative emotions, what else can I do to prepare for my Tarot Reading?

  • Have a few questions in mind before you call. Tarot is an extremely complex tool. The language used and wording of the question makes a huge difference on the depth of details you can get from the cards. SunnyJ uses  cards best adapted for use with the English Language. She occasionally offers Tarot readings in Thai, but then uses a different deck. Language and wording is important. So design your questions with mindful care. 

  • Have pencil/pen and paper handy to jot down notes. 

  • After your reading, make notations on a calendar or Google reminders for important dates 

  • Keep your notes in a handy folder or notebook - as the thematic answers you get from several Tarot  Reading sessions can also be insightful for your overall evolutionary path. 

  • Ensure that distractions are minimized; turn off the TV/radio, close doors or windows if there are noisy distractions outside. If you have children, timing a Tarot reading during your child's nap can be dicy, but worth the effort. 


Have Another Question?

If you have a question not answered above, please let SunnyJ know.


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