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At Wellness Resources Psychic Shop, we champion the journey towards a holistic and spiritual lifestyle. Embracing the ethos of 'lifestyle progressivism,' our mission is to empower individuals who are dedicated to personal growth through enlightened knowledge and its practical application in daily life.
We offer a curated selection of products that cater to the soul's needs, from meditation and yoga essentials, to prayer beads and smudge sticks, each designed to enrich your spiritual practice and support daily lifestyle function
Our products not only span a range of practices, including Buddhism, Hinduism, and beyond but also boast a diverse geographic origin, with items shipped directly from the USA, Canada, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, or the Netherlands, as detailed in our thoughtful product descriptions. Join us in cultivating a life of wellness, wisdom, and well-being.


The partnership between SunnyJ's "Hermetic Legacy Wellness Resources" and OMSutra is a natural alignment of two visionary enterprises with a shared ethos centered on holistic wellness, spiritual growth, and ethical sustainability.


Hermeticism, with its emphasis on the interconnectedness of the universe and the individual’s journey towards spiritual enlightenment, resonates with SunSum's approach to mindful living and spiritual awareness. Together, they offer a holistic view of wellness that goes beyond physical health to encompass mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


This alliance allows both entities to leverage each other’s strengths and reach a wider, more diverse audience. While SunnyJ brings depth in spiritual and wellness education, Tinge World offers a platform and products that appeal to a broad spectrum of individuals interested in holistic health. Together, they can foster a community that is deeply engaged in pursuing a balanced, healthy, and spiritually enriched lifestyle.


Once designed, our products are proudly hand crafted in our SF workshop using sustainable hardwood providers and zero waste woodworking techniques. We work exclusively in high grade Black Walnut and White Maple to hold focus on the clean lines of the pieces. From the first saw cut to the final coat of natural furniture oil, you can be sure that we take pride in crafting your piece of minimalist decor the right way every time.


Bellorita is a tribute to my mom and all women, saluting their courage and unwavering spirit in pursuing their dreams.

It is a celebration of their inner strength and a reminder that through adversity, we can emerge stronger and more determined than ever.

Join us in uplifting women, embracing their beauty, and spreading a positive message of empowerment.


Paavani Ayurveda, rooted in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, offers a diverse range of organic health and skincare products. This artisan line, crafted in Northern California, emphasizes the connection to the natural world through earth-based formulations. 

With a focus on sustainable and cruelty-free ingredients, Paavani Ayurveda embodies a holistic approach to health and beauty. The brand's dedication to sustainability is reflected in its packaging choices, advocating for eco-friendly and respectful practices towards nature. Paavani Ayurveda's website serves not only as a retail space but also as an educational resource, encouraging a deeper understanding and practice of the Ayurvedic lifestyle.

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