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Bellorita is a brand founded on the principles of artistic craftsmanship and cultural heritage. The story of Bellorita begins with its founder, Jack Sun, who created the brand as a tribute to his mother, a symbol of strength and resilience. Inspired by her battle with cancer and his father's stroke, Jack designed a handbag with two koi, representing courage and fearlessness, for his mother's 60th birthday. This gesture marked the birth of Bellorita, a brand that celebrates the power and resilience of women.

Bellorita offers a stunning array of handcrafted purses, totes, and clutches, each telling a unique story. The designs are inspired by traditional Chinese art and culture, making each piece a standout choice for exclusivity and elegance. The brand's commitment to superb craftsmanship is evident in every product, hand-carved and hand-painted on fine leather by master craftsmen and artisans.

Choosing Bellorita means embracing artistic craftsmanship, cultural richness, quality materials, and exclusivity. The brand's collections are not mass-produced, ensuring each handbag is unique and distinctive. Bellorita stands out as a beacon of artistry, blending cultural heritage with contemporary fashion, offering more than just a purse but an experience steeped in artistry and heritage

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