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Code of Conduct

Exclusive Terms and Conditions of Use for Rising Stars Membership

Welcome to Rising Stars, the premier destination for discerning individuals seeking exceptional psychic insights and high-quality products. By engaging with our esteemed platform, you tacitly agree to adhere to the following meticulously crafted terms and conditions, designed to enhance your distinguished experience.

Acceptance of Elite Standards

Your access to and use of [Elite Psychic Portal Name] signifies your unequivocal acceptance of these terms, underscoring your commitment to uphold the elevated standards befitting our exclusive clientele.

Curated Selection of Products and Services

  • Our portal offers an exquisite array of both tangible and digital artifacts, each meticulously selected to cater to your sophisticated tastes.

  • We reserve the right to refine our product offerings, ensuring alignment with the unparalleled standards expected by our esteemed clients.

Limited Liability – A Discrete Advisory

  • & SunnyJ Shores LLC provides advisory services for discernment purposes only. While we pride ourselves on our accuracy, we extend no guarantees regarding the outcomes of our readings or counsel.

  • Our esteemed clients are acknowledged for their wise decision-making; thus, we bear no liability for actions taken following consultations on our platform.

Code of Conduct for the Elite

  • Our elite users are expected to exhibit conduct that reflects mutual respect and decorum, particularly during exclusive community events and interactions within the prestigious Rising Stars membership enclave.

  • Any deviation from our Code of Conduct may result in a discreet yet decisive removal from our exclusive events.

  • Persistent disregard for our conduct code may necessitate a cessation of subscription services, enacted without the provision

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