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Sunsum Intentional Living


Sunsum® Intentional Living is an inspiring brand that blends cultural heritage with sustainable living. Influenced by African art, textiles, patterns, and culture, Sunsum offers a variety of collections that celebrate these cultural influences. Their focus is on creating an environment that supports physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, featuring products ranging from handmade goods to self-care items like their unique Intention Candle Collection. These hand-poured soy candles are infused with natural fragrances and designed to aid in setting and manifesting intentions.

Sunsum® is committed to promoting intentional and mindful living, with a range of sustainable, ethical, and thoughtful products. Their offerings include unique and meaningful gifts for various occasions, eco-friendly home goods, craft supplies, and a line of sustainable fashion including scarves, swimwear, and women's shoes. The brand is continuously expanding, with new candles and other products being added regularly.

Their philosophy is rooted in the belief that everyday life should be lived with purpose and mindfulness. This commitment is reflected in their product range, which not only emphasizes quality and craftsmanship but also aligns with values of sustainability and social responsibility. Through their products, Sunsum® Intentional Living encourages customers to live more mindfully and intentionally, fostering a connection to both culture and nature

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